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Switch Boxes & Controllers


This controller will features an LED display so the user always knows what\'s going on behind him. Designed for use with the Commander, Stealth Visor, and STX series. Also intended for use with all dual color products (Commander & SV).

SW610TA $54.60






BR-960 6 Function Switch Box

Old faithful. This switchbox will handle anything you can throw at it! First switch is 40A capable protected by its own relay and circuit breaker. Remaining 5 switches are fused at 20 amps (protected blade fuses in back of box). 40 title legend adhesive legend sheet and extra tiles provided. Bail bracket included.


BR-960 $80.64






BR-950 5 Function Switchbox

5 function switchbox. 5 switches fused at 20 amps, protected by covered blade fuses in back of the box. LED backlighting and illuminated TSW switches. Bail bracket and 30 title adhesive legend sheet and extra tiles. 5 year warranty.



BR-950 $50.40






BR-970(S) 10 Function Switchbox

 This is THE pursuit box! 3 40A capable pursuit modes (slider) and 5 illuminated rocker switches fused at 20 amps. Last rocker switch is a 3 position jogger switch (on / off / momentary). LED backlighting, 40 title adhesive legend sheet, and bail bracket included. 


BR-970S $121.80








BR-933 3 Switch Panel

3 15A switches with front accessible fuse sleeves. Ideal for basic, low amp draw applications.



BR-933 $21.84