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Storm Sentry©
For years emergency personnel have struggled with receiving timely weather warnings from a dedicated and reliable source. Warnings were sometimes late, false or worse, never received. This problem led to the question, "when do we activate our sirens, pagers or emergency action plan?"

Introducing, STORM SENTRY©, a revolutionary emergency notification system. The key ingredient in the STORM SENTRY©  Weather Monitoring System is software that interprets and understands weather data, therefore, making weather / emergency  notification easier, faster and best of all AUTOMATIC.

Imagine taking all of the information from the National Weather Service and putting it onto one place, your office. Best of all, do all this for one small cost; no subscriptions, no monthly or yearly contracts. A one time purchase of the hardware and software buys the user a lifetime of weather security.  

Advantages of STORM SENTRY©

  • PC BASED WEATHER MONITORING , Monitor real time weather data, including local radar via high speed internet and satellite on the EMWIN network.
  • REAL TIME WARNINGS VIA NWS, be the first to know when severe weather approaches. 2-5 seconds after a warning is issued, it's on your desk.
  • AUTOMATIC MESSAGING, notify emergency personnel, even residents, of emergencies via text, e-mail, telephone or fax automatically without human intervention.
  • AUTOMATIC SIREN ACTIVATION, activate your siren system automaticly. No need for a person to activate. The computers control all siren functions. 
  • SEVERAL PACKAGES AVAILABLE, including custom built, to fit any budget.