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LED Lightbars, Full, Mini & Interior

360 Dual Color Torrent Lightbar

You've never seen anything like it! A true dual color lightbar! Our patented technology actually tells the diode what color to fire, red, blue or amber. With the flick of a switch, the user can change the rear facing inboard light heads from warning colors to traffic control amber. Disengage the traffic control, and it goes back to warning colors.

Don't be fooled by others! Some other light bars claim dual color, but they just add additional diodes, additional diodes mean additional $$$!!

Adjustable steel mounting feet and strap kits available,

SAE Certified. CA Title XIII compliant.

5 Year Warranty


Available in 44", 49", 54" and 59" 


Fully Loaded Starting at $1,550.00             

(Call for Custom Bar Pricing) 



Rear Dual Color Torrent Lightbar

The new Axixtech Torrent Dual Color Lightbar will change how lightbars are perceived! this lightbar gives the ability to have red/blue warning and amber traffic direction control with the same LED modules. The torrent has the ability to use red/blue for primary warning and with the flip of a switch, the rear of the bar changes over to amber for traffic control. 


Available in 44", 49", 54" and 59" 


Fully Loaded starting at $1,347.00

(Call for Custom Bar Pricing)



Torrent Low Profile LED Lightbar

This lightbar includes takedowns and alley lights and gives you an infinite number of flash patterns because of the built in ability to program your oen patterns. All for one low price!


Available in 30", 35", 40", 41", 44", 45", 49", 50", 54" and 59"  



Fully Loaded Starting at $1,099.00

(Call for Custom Bar Pricing)




Stelth Visor Lightbar

SV56 (56 diode)  is available in cigar plug (P) model or hardwire (W). Cigar plug model has controls (switches) on the chassis above the driver's  head. Extreme linear light heads provide tons of warning power,and TLED04 style takedowns light up the scene . Warning modules can be substituted for takedowns at no additional charge. Universal bracket set included with each SV.

Brackets available at extra charge: Ford Explorer, Chevy Impala, Dodge Charger.  (Ford Crown Victoria and Chevy Tahoe coming soon!)


Dimensions: Each housing is 17-1/8" long, 1-3/8" tall. The depth of the flash shield is 4-1/8 at the outer ends & 6-1/8" at the inner ends. The connecting cable between the housings is 11.9" long.

5 year warranty. SAE Certified


SV56 $540.00





Feniex Pegasus


Voltage: 9-13 VDC, SAE J595, CE certified, Phillips engineered, Meets CCR, Title 13 requirements,

4, 4-watt LEDs in each module head, Features more than 19 warning patterns, Custom built brackets for specific vehicles. Functions include directional, steady burn, takedown, and dimming.

Black gasket prevents vibration and guarantees windshield protection, 10 feet of RFi foil shielded cable provided for reliable and sturdy installation. Powered by 12 V with programmable takedowns, work lights and stop turn lights.

Option of 35 degree optics for maximum light spread or for 20 degree takedowns

Universal full and split models available

Dimensions: 0.95" H x 37" L x 5.5" W

Pegasus   $499.00


Falcon Mini Bar

You've never seen anything like it, guaranteed! The innovative 360 degree, low profile design ensures maximum visibility in emergency situations. No "dead" spots! (40 Diode) , Cig. plug or Hardwire, 4 magnet mount included with cigar plug model. Other mounting options available at extra charge. 

Dimensions: 16.6"x10.9"x2.55"

5 year warranty (limited). SAE Certified. 

F84P $284.00