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Design Services

At Sirens for Cities, we specialize in designing custom siren systems to best fit any given project. Our complimentary Siren Site Design will take away the guesswork. Just call, and we will connect you to a site designer who will produce a scale, topographical map of your project, complete with suggested siren placement, siren models, activation equipment and estimated cost. 

Taking advantage of the latest in 3-D Topographic , terrain Study tools, we are able to examine the special characteristics of your specific area. That high spot on the edge of town, we can see it!

By using a second and similar program, we are able to see street level detail including businesses, parks, government offices, schools, population density, and even city limits, including new annexations. 

You are finally presented with an image of what your system will look like. 

Let us know what you want to do and Sirens for Cities will help you make your project a reality.
Custom Sirens 
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Custom Colors
are Available
Stainless Steel
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