Sirens for Cities, Inc.
        Outdoor Warning Systems


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Our Company is "relationship driven" . Meaning, we establish lifetime relationships with our clients. We approach every job with the intention that each client will from that day foward, will only need Sirens for Cities for their warning solutions.  Next, our products are second to none in quality, durability and performance. Customer Service is extremely important to us and is available to you 24/7. Our warranty is the best in the market and we are proud to offer sirens and equipment by Sentry Siren. Why Do we only sell sirens and equipment by Sentry Siren?
Since 1905 Sentry has been proudly building continuous duty, motor driven, omni-directional sirens. known to be the highest quality available today. We continue to take great pride in their quality, durability and performance. Sentry Siren, Inc. is known worldwide for the production of the absolute best in outdoor warning equipment. We are sure you will not find a higher quality product, as they are known for their outstanding workmanship and unmatched customer service.    

Sentry Siren is a family owned business and Sirens for Cities is proud to be part of the family. No board of directors, no shareholders to have to answer to, and no complicated voice prompts to deal with when you call. 

Give us a call; find out the difference for yourself. Let us show you how simple and inexpensive it can be to have a warning system for your community or industry.